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Meet the Organizations involved in Winter Wonderful!
Common Wealth Development.png

"Founded in 1979, Common Wealth Development supports and preserves the vitality of neighborhoods in the Madison Metropolitan area. Our work serves as the foundational bedrock of healthy community and economic development, with projects aimed at improving the housing and business climate of our neighborhoods through a people-first approach centered on racial equity and community-level health improvement."

For more information visit the Common Wealth Development website at

Housing Initiatives.jpg

"For over 20 years, Housing Initiatives has ended homelessness for 600 men, women, and veterans who suffer from a mental illness by providing them with a permanent home and supportive services to help them lead a healthier life."

For more information visit the Housing Initiatives website at

Rape Crisis Center.jpg

"Serving Dane County since 1973, the Rape Crisis Center (RCC) provides services to survivors (and their family and friends) of all forms of sexual violence, including recent sexual assault, past sexual assault, incest (past or present), sexual harassment, and sexual exploitation.


These services are provided free of charge and include crisis intervention and support via our 24-hour Helpline (608-251-7273), our Spanish language line La Línea (608-258-2567), short-term counseling, support groups, medical and legal advocacy and accompaniment, community education and outreach.


RCC also operates Chimera Self-Defense Designed for Women, and Safer Bar."

For more information visit the Rape Crisis Center website at

"GSAFE values integrity, honesty, openness, and authenticity.  We are committed to youth leadership, anti-racism, and social justice and recognize we are all life-long learners and teachers.  We hold ourselves accountable to the youth we serve as well as each other, our board, funders, partner organizations, and the broader community by honoring our commitments and continuously reflecting on and improving our work.  We dig deep, think creatively, take on big challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing our vision become a reality.  We are driven by a vision of a world free of oppression based on gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, and other identities and strive to model the world we want to exist through our everyday actions.

GSAFE creates just schools for LGBTQ+ youth in Wisconsin. 

We do this by:

  • Developing the leadership of LGBTQ+ youth,

  • Supporting Gay-Straight Alliances,

  • Training educators,

  • Advancing educational justice, and

  • Deepening racial, gender, trans, and social justice."

For more information visit the GSAFE website at

River Alliance of WI.png

Empowering people to protect and restore water.

Thriving community, economy, and habitat
through access to clean, abundant water.


  • We pursue clean water for all with passion and determination.

  • We are a credible voice on water policy and public engagement.

  • We expect government to safeguard water, and we hold public agencies accountable.

  • We believe in the power of grassroots action.

  • We engage people in activities to inspire water stewardship."

For more information visit the River Alliance of WI website at

Community Shares of WI.jpg

"Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW)—together with its donors and member nonprofits—addresses social, economic, and environmental problems through grassroots activities, advocacy, research, and public education. CSW represents: Many people, many dreams, one community."

For more information visit the Community Shares of WI website at

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