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This event will take place Friday November 24th, 2023 on Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving, from Noon to 5pm. 

Local is the essence of commerce in Wisconsin- we thrive on supporting each other in everything we do, from groceries to gifts, from hardware to handiwork;

Let's show some local love on Black Friday at the Makers Market!

It will include over 80 local and regional vendors and is a family friendly event!  

There is alcohol served at this event as it does take place in establishments that sell alcohol, however you must be 21 years or older to drink and alcohol should stay indoors.  Please drink responsibly. 


             Event Listing

Our venues for this year's Black Friday Market & Pub-Crawl are:

State Line Distillery 1413 Northern Ct

Imaginary Factory 1401 Northern Ct

Working Draft Beer 1129 E Wilson St

Giant Jones Brewing Co.931 E Main St. #9

Old Sugar Distillery931 E Main St. #8

The Deliciouser931 E Main St. #7

The Sylvee25 S Livingston St

Vintage Capitol East803 E. Washington Ave.

     Listed Below!
State Line Distillery

Psychic Readings by Brandi - Spiritual Needs
Brian Draws Movies - Art/Prints, Home Goods
Humla pottery - Prottery/Ceramics
Madre Yerba - Bath/Body, Jewelry, Scrubs/Balms, Stickers
Happy Yams Dog Treats - Accessories, Dog Items
Cookie Dreamhouse - Baked Goods/Confections
Longneck Lighting - Glassworks, Woodworking
C the Artisan - Art/Prints, Apparel, Decor, Jewelry, Seasonal Goods

Imaginary Factory

Ancestral Tribe - Apparel, Baked Goods/Confections, Candles, Glassworks, Jewelry
Wildflower Fields Forever - Art/Prints, Cards, Decor, Jewelry, Prottery/Ceramics, Printmakers, Stickers
Sweet Little Box Co - Bath/Body, Candles
Forward Pottery - Prottery/Ceramics

Working Draft Beer

Bkay Artsworks - Art/Prints, Glassworks, Cards, Decor, Jewelry, Metalwork, Prottery/Ceramics, Printmakers
EmTheJackalope - Art/Prints, Apparel, Stickers
Tres Ojos - Candles, Jewelry, Spiritual Needs
Odonata Woodworks - Art/Prints, Decor, Home Goods, Woodworking
Gremlin Goods - Art/Prints, Accessories, Apparel, Decor, Knitted Goods, Stickers
Karomni Co. & The Freckled Wood Co. - Bath/Body, Candles, Home Goods, Scrubs/Balms, Soaps

Giant Jones Brewing

Willow's Forest Jewelry - Jewelry
Pb and Junk Ceramics and Arts - Prottery/Ceramics
One Creative Bee - Decor, Jewelry, Stickers, Woodworking
After While, Craftodile - Decor, Jewelry, Metalwork, Spiritual Needs

old sugar distillery

Bookish Stickers - Art/Prints, Stickers
Bernie & Zuzu - Art/Prints, Apparel, Fiber Art, Cards, Decor, Printmakers, Stickers
TacoCat Creations - Cat Items, Accessories, Stickers
For The Love Of Drax  - Dog Items
One Eyed Cat Crafts - Prottery/Ceramics
Lulu's Sweets  - Baked Goods/Confections
Kaybee Kitsch - Crocheted Goods, Decor, Jewelry
Frau Meow - Art/Prints, Accessories, Toys, Cards, Stationary/Office Goods, Stickers

The Deliciouser

Flannel Fox Creations - Cat Items, Dog Items
Blue Violet Jams and Jellies - Canned Goods
Siren Shrub Co. - Food/Drink Mixes

Vintage Brewing Co

Boho Designs by Katya - Decor, Jewelry, Photography, Spiritual Needs
Thrifty-Fox - Accessories, Candles
JML Modern - Woodworking
Firefox Bakery - Baked Goods/Confections
Shade Tree Naturals - Bath/Body
For Goodness Socks - Apparel

The Sylvee

Ink & Watercolor Landscapes - Abstract Art/Prints, Accessories, Cards
Love U Candle - Candles, Decor
Auntie M's Creations LLC - Bath/Body, Scrubs/Balms, Soaps
Hill Valley Workshop - Decor, Woodworking
Mississippi Mayhem - Abstract Art/Prints, Accessories, Jewelry, Stickers
Hijinx Mixed Media - Art/Prints, Apparel, Crocheted Goods, Fiber Art, Printmakers, Stickers
Knitcircus Yarns - Fiber Art


MWN Apparel - Apparel
Electric Luster - Glassworks, Home Goods, Jewelry
Sketchmochi Studio - Art/Prints, Accessories, Stationary/Office Goods, Stickers
sp00py.sam - Abstract Art/Prints, Decor, Jewelry, Knitted Goods, Seasonal Goods, Stickers
UneasyViewing - Art/Prints, Apparel
Rat Brats - Art/Prints, Accessories, Home Goods, Jewelry, Seasonal Goods, Stickers

Quiet Crow Dice Co. - Stationary/Office Goods, Stickers, Tabletop Gaming Accessories


Chase My Creations - Apparel, Pet Items
Little Sparks Candle Company - Candles
Dolce Home - Decor, Jewelry, Woodworking
MJ cork designs - Accessories
The Crazy Dog Mom - Apparel, Dog Items
Julia H Studios - Art/Prints
Karavan // KSlamka Ceramics - Prottery/Ceramics


Missy's Sugar Shop - Baked Goods/Confections
Hailey McLaughlins Illustrations - Art/Prints, Accessories, Stickers
Art by Xizhou Xie - Abstract Art/Prints, Decor, Jewelry
Every Bitch Needs a Scrunchie - Apparel, Glassworks, Home Goods, Stationary/Office Goods, Stickers
crafted. - Decor, Seasonal Goods
The Artistry Studio - Art/Prints, Accessories, Stickers
Washboard Press - Art/Prints, Cards, Printmakers, Stationary/Office Goods


Selia Salzsieder Art - Art/Prints, Cards, Stationary/Office Goods, Stickers
Sun Stitched - Cross Stitch/Embroidery
Wisconsin Waterfall Soaps, Etc. - Soaps
Valley View Ridge - Plants/Succulents
Huckster Art - Abstract Art/Prints, Cards, Stickers
Dee Croaker Artistry - Art/Prints, Cards, Jewelry, Photography
MosesSista LLC - Bath/Body, Jewelry


Inspired Alchemy - Baked Goods/Confections

Pandanas MSN - Apparel, Dog Items
Niki_sew_cool Textile Art and Clothing - Accessories, Apparel, Fiber Art, Home Goods
Tori’s Trinkets - Accessories, Jewelry
Versal Goods - Fiber Art, Decor
Arielle's Art - Prottery/Ceramics
Cauterized Designs - Art/Prints, Stickers
Huckster Art - Abstract Art/Prints, Greeting Cards, Stickers

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