The next application will open in December for our Mother's Day show in May.

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What we look for... 

These shows are curated. The goal is to have a diverse offering of products with a solid mix of established vendors and new-to-the-scene vendors. It's also a goal to keep from over saturating any one category. We look for a well developed product line, originality, and an overall good presentation of products. 

The vendor break down goes roughly like this: 60-70% established, returning vendors, 20-25% established but new vendors to Madison Makers Market, and 5-10% brand new vendors who have never vended before, or have only vended once before.  


All of our shows include vendors who produce handmade and/or hand crafted items. Vintage is considered. Fair trade vendors are also welcome to apply. 

We also know that some vendors work out of trucks and trailers that they own and, while we do not have control over street parking, we do encourage those vendors to apply to the show if interested.


We do not currently accept MLM or direct sales vendors. 

food trucks need apply! 

Being that many of the venues this event is hosted at do not serve much if any food, we are always looking for food trucks to vend outside the various locations we have vendors at.

If you run a food truck, or know someone who does, tell them to reach out to us via our contact page 


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