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Made BY Nerds, FOR Nerds

Nerd Made: Madison will happen Saturday, March 2nd, 2024 from 10AM-4PM. 

Shop dozens of geeky makers, get dressed up to celebrate your favorite fandom, get your face painted and enjoy nerdyness you can handle!

This is an ALL AGES, family friendly event.

This event is free and no tickets are needed to come and enjoy the fun! You only pay for the items you want to buy from vendors, and the drinks or food you want to consume. 


We're on Facebook!

If you are 21 or older and choose to drink, please drink responsibly. Also, please do not consume alcohol on the street in between locations.



Madison Masonic Center - 301 Wisconsin Ave



-Free Face Painting!

-Awesome Music!

-Cosplay everywhere!

-More to come!


Vendors have been announced!

A Queer Enigma Books & Candles - Art/Prints, Candles, Pop Culture & Lit Nerd
Black Earth Creek Candle Company -

Candle Nerd
EmTheJackalope -

Art/Prints, Apparel, Stickers, Pop Culture & Plant/Animal Nerd
Flower Cactus Studio -

Art/Prints, Stationary, Stickers, Video Game, Pop Culture & Plant/Animal Nerd
Kirby.cst -

Art/Prints, Accessories, Cards, Jewelry, Stickers, Video Game, Comic Book, Pop Culture & Science Nerd

Shadowlux Soapery -

Soap Nerd
Arielle's Art -

Prottery/Ceramics, Plant/Animal & Anime/Manga Nerd
BoneBurrow -

Glassworks, Stickers, Pop Culture Nerd
Bookish Stickers -

Art/Prints, Accessories, Stickers, Pop Culture, Lit, Science, Music & Plant/Animal Nerd
Brian Draws Movies -

Art/Prints, Decor & Home Goods Nerd
Casting Whimsy -

Baked Goods/Confections, Tea/Infusions Nerd

Cauterized Designs -

Art/Prints, Accessories, Stickers, Pop Culture Nerd
Charmed by Teagan -

Children's Goods/Toys Nerd
Copper Chicken -

Children's Goods/Toys, Fiber Art Nerd
Crafting Without Kids -

Cross Stitch/Embroidery, Cards, Jewelry, Stationary, Pop Culture Nerd
Daydream Dragons -

Fiber Art, Decor Nerd

DungeonMod -

Tabletop Gaming Nerd
Geekyloft -

Art/Prints, Accessories, Decor, Jewelry, Prottery/Ceramics, Printmakers, Stickers, Tabletop Gaming, Video Game, Pop Culture, Plant/Animal & Anime/Manga Nerd
Kailee Rosen -

Art/Prints, Stickers, Video Game & Pop Culture Nerd
Kinda Nerdy Housewife -

Accessories, Video Game, Comic Book, Pop Culture, Legacy Nerd Culture & Anime/Manga Nerd
Kreepy Kawaii Crafts -

Accessories, Apparel, Children's Goods/Toys, Crochet, Fiber Art, Decor, Video Game, Comic Book, Pop Culture, Legacy Nerd Culture & Anime/Manga Nerd
Megan Stout's Illustrations -

Art/Prints, Cards, Home Goods, Stationary, Stickers, Pop Culture & Plant/Animal Nerd

Memento Moira -

Art/Prints, Accessories, Apparel, Candles, Decor, Jewelry, Stickers, Lit & Science Nerd
Meredith Dillman Fantasy Art -

Art/Prints, Accessories, Sticker Nerd
One Eyed Cat Crafts -

Prottery/Ceramics Nerd
Ringo Rugs -

Fiber Art, Video Game & Pop Culture Nerd
RunicWren -

Art/Prints, Accessories, Jewelry, Stickers, Video Game & Plant/Animal Nerd

Simply Lush Studio -

Decor, Jewelry, Prottery/Ceramics, Printmakers
That Nerd Girl Studio -

Accessories, Cross Stitch/Embroidery, Decor, Home Goods, Tabletop Gaming Accessories, Video Game, Comic Book, Pop Culture & Legacy Nerd
Frau Meow -

Art/Prints, Toys, Jewelry, Stationary, Stickers, Plant/Animal Nerd
True Fiction Studios -

Comic Book Nerd
UneasyViewing -

Apparel, Science Nerd
Willow's Forest Jewelry -

Jewelry Nerd

Witch Queen Workshop -

Bath/Body, Home Goods, Scrubs/Balms, Soaps, Tabletop Gaming Accessories, Video Game, Comic Book, Pop Culture, Legacy Nerd Culture, Lit, Science & Plant/Animal Nerd
Ink & Watercolor Landscapes by Heather Tatarek - Abstract Art/Prints, Accessories, Cards, Science Nerd
Auntie M's Creations -

Bath/Body, Soaps, Pop Culture & Science Nerd
crafted. -

Decor, Tabletop Gaming, Video Game, Comic Book, Pop Culture, Lit & Science Nerd
Dragon's Den 3D Prints -

Children's Goods/Toys Nerd

Mississippi Mayhem -

Abstract Art/Prints, Accessories, Decor, Home Goods, Jewelry, Printmakers, Stickers, Pop Culture & Plant/Animal Nerd
Quiet Crow Dice Co. -

Tabletop Gaming Nerd
Shawpawprints Watercolor -

Art/Prints, Accessories, Cards, Plants/Succulents, Sticker Nerd
TacoCat Creations -

Accessories, Cat Items, Stickers, Pop Culture & Plant/Animal Nerd
The Artistry Studio -

Art/Prints, Accessories, Stationary, Sticker Nerd
Hill Valley Workshop -

Decor, Woodworking, Pop Culture & Lit Nerd

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